gallery/Registered Amrod Distributor 2017-med

The business was started by the owner in 2007, concentrating on machine embroidery on towels, clothing etc.  Clients purchased the articles mainly as personal gifts. Very successful marketing was done through word-of-mouth and craft - and flea markets. 

As the business grew, demand increased for printing on client specified articles, leading to the addition of heat based printing as a service. 

Small DIY and fun art developed as a new trend and CNC cutting and engraving machines were added to the inventory for the manufacturing of paper gift boxes, ornaments, envelopes and cards for all occasions. 

In addition to this, a service to supply pre-packed and marked stationery packs for congresses, meetings, seminars, conferences and schools are rendered.

Recently the supply of branded Corporate Gifts and Apparel was added to the inventory. 

Vision and Strategy

The target market for “Crafty Friends” are individuals, organisations, schools and the local business community.

Advertising is currently done via social media and word-of-mouth.